Digital Scholarly Editing, Advanced Methods (2019)


Welcome to the site for the 2019 London Rare Books School module on advanced methods in digital scholarly editing (1-5 July 2019).

Convened by: Dr Christopher Ohge (Institute of English Studies)

Guest Tutors: Dr Gabriel Bodard (Institute of Classical Studies), Dr Tiago Sousa Garcia (Newcastle), Dr Elizabeth Williamson (Exeter)

Venue: IHR Training Room (318), Senate House (North Block), University of London

Have you taken an introduction to the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), but are unsure of what to do next? Have you started a digital edition, but want to learn more about encoding, querying, publishing and analysing your project? Taught by several scholars with years of practical editing experience, this advanced digital scholarly editing module can help take your digital editing further, showing through several hands-on workshops how to implement advanced computational methods. Students will focus on XML technologies such as advanced TEI encoding, XPath and XSLT, as well as the programming language R to produce text analyses of edition data.

Please note: Students in this module must have a basic understanding of TEI-XML. If you require an introduction to TEI, consider signing up for the LRBS module, Digital Scholarly Editing: An Introduction.

Follow the schedule below, which includes links to the individual days, or navigate to the appropriate day at the top of the page.

(Please note that I will hold office hours in Room 242, Senate House (South Block) from 16.00–17.30 each day after class.)

Monday, 1 July: Welcome, TEI encoding refresher

Time Topic Type
12.30 Registration  
13.00 Senate House Library Talk Presentation
14.00 Seminar 1: Welcome; TEI primer [CO] Presentation
15.00 Exercise 1: Encoding a text in TEI: Basil Bunting’s final notebook Practice
16.00 Seminar 2: Advanced project planning: working with authority lists, writing encoding guidelines, file naming, etc. [LW] Presentation

Tuesday, 2 July: Advanced TEI encoding

Time Topic Type
9.30 Seminar 3: Customising TEI with Roma and RomaJS [TSG] Presentation
11.30 Seminar 4: Facsimile surfaces and zones [TSG] Presentation
14.00 Seminar 5: Analytic and interpretive encoding, private URIs [CO] Presentation
16.00 Library Time Senate House Library

Wednesday, 3 July: Advanced TEI encoding, XPath for searching

Time Topic Type
9.30 Seminar 6: Enriching TEI metadata [CO] Presentation
10.30 Exercise: Enriching the metadata of the Bunting notebook Practice
11.30 Seminar 7: Intro to XPath part 1 [CO] Presentation
12.30 Exercise: XPath searching and calculations Practice
14.00 (Senate House Library) Seminar 8: Open Discussion on editing and projects with rare books and manuscripts [CO] Presentation
16.00 Library Time Senate House Library

Thursday, 4 July: XSLT for processing

Time Topic Type
9.30 Seminar 9: Intro to XSLT part 1 [GB/CO] Presentation and practice
11.30 Seminar 10: Intro to XSLT part 2 [GB] Presentation and practice
14.00 Seminar 11: XLST Part 3: Bringing it all together Practice
16.00 Library Time Senate House Library

Friday, 5 July: Visualisation and Text Analysis of Edition Data

Time Topic Type
9.30 Seminar 12: Current web-based vis tools: Voyant, &c; Intro to R Presentation
11.30 Seminar 13: Using R to visualise text data; course wrap-up Presentation

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